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Freebie 9GAG UI concept

Freebie 9GAG UI concept
February 1, 2017 SFNSTextCondensed, Avenir, Lato, Montserrat

2d, 9gag, Dark, Free, Freebie, Resource, Social, social network, Template, UI

My UI/UX answer to an ever-falling-to-face-phone situation while I was scrolling trough 9GAG. The like button was placed on the extreme left side and being a right-handed, the phone always fell into my face while in bed or opened the My Profile tab when I tried to like a post.

Got rid of it and build a new UI and UX solution for the famous Memes apps.

Hope you enjoy and, to get your free sketch file please.

By: DanielOuteiro


October 27, 2017 sneakers-freebie-420883.png
September 17, 2017 sketch_shadows_preview-105688.png